Enjoy Santa Fe’s nature, culture and history

History, culture and nature on the banks of the Paraná

Rosario is a beautiful city in Argentina and Santa Fe’s capital. It’s located on the shores of Parana’s River, which grants a privileged natural environment.

Rosario is known for its rich history and architecture patrimony as it holds a grand number of historical buildings and museums. It is also an important destination for tourists / important tourist destination thanks to its vast cultural options, green spaces, gastronomy and night life.

It’s the birthplace of many big figures such as Che Guevara, writer Roberto Fontanarrosa, singer Fito Páez, as well as of argentinian football because it’s where the Club Atlético Newell’s Old Boys was funded, the place where Lionel Messi started his career as a football player.

Varied, diverse and attractive. A city you will never not want to discover.

¿What to do in Rosario?

Rosario offers a lot of tourist and cultural attractions to enjoy as a couple, family or friends.

Monumento a la Bandera, Rosario
Go to Monumento a la Bandera

It’s one of the most emblematic places of the city. The Monument was built to honor the Argentinian national flag and it is located on the riverside of the Paraná River. You can go up to the top of the Monument to enjoy the city’s panoramic views.

Hotel en Rosario
Visit the Parque Nacional a la Bandera

This park is one of the biggest green spaces of Rosario and it’s located in the center of Rosario. Here you can find a lot of attractions such as Anfiteatro Municipal, Parque de las Colectividades, and Jardín de los Niños.

Parque Sunchales, Rosario
Walk around the Costanera

It’s a pedestrian strollway that extends along the riverside of Parana River. It’s an ideal place to walk, run, ride bikes, or simply relax and enjoy the river views. There’s also a large amount of bars and restaurants where you can get meals and drinks with a river view.

Mercado del Patio, Rosario
Walk through the Mercado del Patio

This market is the perfect place for those who like to try the local gastronomy. Here you can find a variety of fresh foods and regional products.

Museo Arte Contemporaneo, Rosario
Visit the Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Rosario

This museum is inside an historical building and holds a great collection of contemporary art. Furthermore, the building itself is considered a tourist attraction because it’s been renovated and transformed into a cultural center.

Boulevard Oroño, Rosario
Stroll through the Boulevard Oroño

This is one of the most famous boulevards of the city and it’s surrounded by beautiful ancient mansions and historical buildings. Here you can find a number of restaurants and shops.